Sonoff Door Window Sensor RF433

The Sonoff Door Window Sensor is a door and window alarm sensor. The Sonoff Door Window Sensor works with the Sonoff RF Bridge 433. Sonoff  Sensor detects the opening status and sends alarm notification message to the app. The sensor is battery power so does not require any cabling. The sensors send open only alerts to the app via the RF Bridge, but does not support pull status.


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Sonoff Door Window Sensor

The Sonoff door window Sensor works with the Sonoff RF Bridge 433. The sensor is battery powered and does not require any physical cabling. This device sends open only alerts to the app via the RF Bridge, but does not support pull status. This product requires the Sonoff  RF Bridge to work. It can trigger your smart home scenes automating your light as you open the door.

Compatible with IFTTT function, the sensor can communicate with all compatible devices and services, to trigger them on or off. Easy to follow steps to access your smart home. The share control provides you a quick way to allow you and your family to control devices together. You can just take your phone out and open the app to check if your alarm was triggered.

This product is fully upgradable with no investment loss, easy integration and the widest range of products available. It does not require an electrician, simply follow a simple step by step guide.


Ultra-low power magnetic dedicated microprocessor

Supports wireless frequency of 433.92MHz
200m wireless transmit distance
Built-in antenna provided
Less than ≤ 1 quiescent current
Support Battery: 12V 23A (not included)
Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz
Protocol: EV1527
Quiescent current: ≤5
Emission current:≤10mA
Operating environment: ≤ -10-50 (14-122)
Product Size: 7749.518.8mm
Battery: length 27mm, diameter 10mm (not included)
Weight: 45g



What’s in the box

Sonoff Door and Window Sensor

Battery Included


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